One day I saw a picture of a group of students standing calmly in the midst of the busy Cleveland streets. It caught my eye. I looked closer and I immediately noticed my fiance, Bridget Dolan, standing there in front with her head down and hands folded. They were praying. I looked closer and realized that this was a movement of people that believed in a cause. It was the Cleveland Marathon (half-marathon and 5k as well) but for these folks it was something much more. It was The Living Person. People running to make themselves better, people running for others, and people running to give glory to God.

I asked one of my close friends and Living Person runner, Jimmy Menkhaus, "How did this even start?" and he smirked and replied, "H. Paul came up to me and said, 'you need to do this.'" H. Paul was a man on a mission. He was so passionate about his life's work of serving others and bringing glory to God. It was very clear and conveyed in a such a warm and loving way. When he asked you to do something it was almost as if Jesus were speaking directly at you.

In the end, H. Paul and his crew ended up with a group of over 125 runners for the 2011 Cleveland Marathon, inspiring each one of them to be better physically and spiritually--promoting health, prayer, and service... a care for the WHOLE person. I remember going on a run not too long ago with Bridget and she said, "How did this body run a HALF-MARATHON!?" and as I smiled, thinking of H. Paul, I said, "It was a miracle. H. Paul was a miracle worker."

So this is our attempt to bring back something beautiful... something great... a challenge of EPIC proportions. Committing our time and putting in the hard work to make ourselves better--not tomorrow, not next week or next month-- but today. St. Irenaeus writes that the glory of God is found in the living person. So may we be living people, striving for more, striving to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Keep watching for the ways to be involved in The Living Person. We've got big plans and still need lots of help! If you are willing to help start up this movement please message me ASAP. We are super excited for this endeavor and cannot wait to see where it will lead all of us. #thelivingperson #becausetomorrowcantwait

Thank you H. Paul for your miracles.

Much love,    Jurell