By Kristen J

The first few days of every new year bring about one major theme – New Year’s resolutions. The “new year, new you” mantra is just about everywhere, and everyone is trying to better themselves in one way or another. Whether it is through fitness, finance, relationships or travel, we make promises to ourselves that we are going to do better this year in whatever area we need the most improvement.

2015 was a big year for me personally. As I reflected on everything that happened last year, I knew I wanted to take the time this year to focus on myself, not only in the professional aspect, but also in the emotional, spiritual, mental and social aspects (areas that may have been overlooked the past couple of years).

So for 2016, I have decided to journal every day using a book called “The Happiness Project.” It is a one-sentence journal (which you can use for five years if you are ambitious) that “will help you keep a record of your life in the most manageable way possible.” A friend gave me this book before I moved home, and it seemed like a great way to start off this new year. I mean, one sentence a day, how hard can that really be, right?

The quote at the top of my entry page today perfectly describes what I want to get out of this experience: “Happy people are more altruistic, more productive, more helpful, more likable, more creative, more resilient, more interested in others, friendlier and healthier.”

Here’s to 2016 – a year with positivity, growth and most importantly, happiness.