By Krista Sison

Sometimes when I go to church I hear the priest talk about things that make a lot of sense, but in the moment, I don’t necessarily see how they apply to our lives. We are so blinded our daily struggles and stress that we can’t understand how to use the scriptures to break free.

Today, I want to reflect on something I heard a few weeks ago, and how it came into my life so strongly, and really set me free.

A few Sundays ago, I was sitting in church and listening to a visiting pastor speaking about prayer. He talked about how strong the power was that raised Jesus from the dead, and how that same power resides in each and every one of us. I think this is such a cool idea. It made me feel so strong in that moment, listening to him.

I left church feeling like I could conquer just about anything.

As I went through the week, I slowly felt less and less of that power. As soon as I got to work on Monday morning, we were slammed with projects. I work and work and work to only accumulate more work. On top of that, after work--I try to keep up with building my own business and try to make time for my boyfriend and friends, and everything is exhausting.

By the end of the week, I am a big pile of weakness.

And last week, as I was moving through, just trying to survive, I got word that my family has been involved in a terrible car accident. My world stopped. I lost all control of my emotions. I couldn't think. Couldn't talk. Couldn't move. Couldn't breath. I had forgotten all the strength that was inside of me.

I can’t give you all the details of the accident, but long story short, my niece was critically injured and had to be resuscitated. The accident had caused a lot of swelling in her head so she had to have surgery and in the process they shaved half of her head (Thankfully, she is going through rehab and is recovering slowly. Thank you for the prayers.)

When I was finally able to get home to see her, my heart was really broken. How could something like this happen? That day, I decided I would shave my head for her.

Now, I had been entertaining the idea of having a shaved head for about a month prior to the accident, because I’m a fan of unconventionality. BUT I never thought I’d actually do it. I cared a little too much about what I looked like and other people’s opinions of me as well. That sounds really stupid when I write it down but I think deep down, we all experience this every once in a while.

The night I shaved my head, I felt very sure about my decision but a lot of other people thought I was crazy. I started to get scared and have some doubts. But then I started to remember that homily. The fact that my 11-year old niece was left without a pulse and she came back to us was a sign of miraculous strength. 

She made me really believe the strength that is inside of us.

In the remainder of the homily, the pastor went on to further explain the power that dwells within us. He said that because we are seated in Heaven at God’s right hand, everything is below us. He said, “Pray from that perspective. Pray from above the problems. You’re not weighed down by the problems. Speak to them, not about them. What are you praying about that you should be speaking to?”

The moment right before the first cut of my hair, I prayed. I prayed for fearlessness.

Shaving my head wasn’t really just about my looks. It was about making a commitment to my niece, giving her strength, making her feel fearless and unconcerned about what her peers might think of her.

It was about giving her faith that everything would be alright.

When I showed my niece my new do, she showed me a beautiful little smile, and whispered “I really like it.” I think that gave us both a little bit of hope that we needed.



Krista Sison is a fashion designer living in Los Angeles, California.  She loves taking participating in anything creative and anything outdoors. She is a strong advocate of living simply and sustainably. Currently, she is building a company focused on providing sustainable, domestically made products, which you can check out at

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