By Frances Csarny

It’s an early summer morning and my alarm clock—ok, my Iphone—goes off and I hit snooze at least once before reaching the point that I really have to pee or know that

if I don’t get moving I’m going to be late. 

More often than not,  my morning routine is rushed and far from peaceful.  Somehow I am able to squeeze in a few minutes of social media time on my phone or check some emails before reaching the car.  Once there, I scarf down some breakfast on my drive to work while listening to current audio book in my CD player.  That is my ordinary morning.  

But what an unfulfilling routine to live out each day. 

This is certainly not living out the Gospel to spread good news and reverence in the gifts God has provided me with.  

I became distinctly aware of this flaw when I did quite the opposite two weeks ago and have not been able to stop cherishing the ordinary moments throughout my day.  My bedroom window faces east where the sun’s rays shine through my sheer curtains each morning.  With my windows open I actually awoke to the bright beams of light and song like chirping of birds. 

I awoke with such fervor that I could truly feel God’s presence and peace moving through me.  I spent that morning taking my time to stretch the sore muscles in my body from a vigorous “FitBit” challenge I was a part of that week, and thanking God for the body I am able to use fully and with ease.  I prepared a breakfast of eggs, toast, banana and coffee that I was able to enjoy, thanking God for the food that continually nourishes my body. 

It may have been an ordinary day at work but there was an energy within me that had more to do with caffeine. This is the first moment in the past few weeks I have recognized God giving me rest.

When sitting with this week’s readings, I noticed that we are in the Fourteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time.  Just because this is the period we are at in the church’s calendar does not mean that God’s word is less miraculous than other times of the year. 

It is in the Gospel this week, Jesus exclaims “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest”.  For me, this rest is given in quite ordinary ways but really got me thinking about the extraordinary journey I am on with God steering the ship.

Jesus may have spent forty days in the desert seeking God but I spent forty minutes on a deserted beach one morning last week and encountered God along my way.  

I was given rest in the repetitive waves gently soaking my feet as the rising sun warmed my back. This rest filled me and allowed me to be my whole self with God right beside me.  I shared a conversation with grandparents, relatives and friends who have passed and I know that every word I shared washeard by the spirit above.  The two lucky stones and pieces of beach glass I collected were small tokens to the solitude I found in my heart sharing those precious minutes with God.

I have been reenergized with the outwardly mundane moments in my life, for it is in the ordinary that I am able to find God’s miraculous work.



Frances is currently a PreSchool teacher in Bay Village, where she works with a group of loving, energetic, and busy three year olds.  She is living in Lakewood and enjoying the excitement of the city of Cleveland. When Frances isn’t busy with children, she can be found spending time with her many cousins and friends.  Frances enjoys collecting beach glass and lucky stones on the shores of Lake Erie throughout the year.  She is trying to keep the art of letter writing alive by sending notes to friends and family in the mail.

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