By Jurell Sison

If you are a little anxious about the time commitment of a rosary that isn't a good enough reason to just forget about the practice all together. Prayer beads have been around for centuries and they've stuck around for a reason.

It leads me to believe that it isn't the practice that's out of touch--its us.

Our world goes so fast. No wonder this ancient meditative devotion seems irrelevant. No body does it anymore because we've lost our ability to focus and to sit still. Again, It's not the practice that's out of touch, it's us. While some of the devotions can get a little bit lengthy I would still encourage you to try. Otherwise you rob yourself of a prayer style that has lead so many other people to a deep profound connection with the Lord. 

As a training exercise of sorts, I would encourage you to try just praying one decade of the rosary. 

Yeah... uhh.. that's it. And it only takes about 3 minutes. 

10 Hail Marys prayed very intentionally, slowly, and prayerfully. I do this often when I am crunched for time and you wouldn't believe how quickly my mind and heart are reset on what's really important to me.

There are even times were I will just run my fingers through the beads and breathe deeply, mindful of the grace that's surrounding me.

Once you get into the swing of things, add-on until you find joy in praying the whole thing. This is still something I'm working on but I can honestly say that I'm getting there. Most importantly, the point isn't to replace the rosary... the point is to build up our own discipline for prayer so that we can fall in love with our own beautiful Catholic traditions and ultimately, Jesus.

Prayers to you, my friends. And happy Chaplet Challenge.