By Dave Schillero

What do I think about God? Well, there are plenty of things I’d like to tell you. I’d like to tell you God has meant everything to me over the past year. I’d like to tell you that God has been my refuge and place I have gone to for comfort in times of need. I’d like to tell you that God is at the very top of my priority list at all times and that He is my best friend.

I’d like to tell you all of that, but to be honest my actions say something different. 

My actions often say that God is a tiny luck charm I place in a box and carry around with me all day. This luck charm is fancy, looks cool and even helps me make friends when I’m around the right group of people. However, this luck charm is also small enough to hide away when I’m around people who don’t like it. 

When I’m having financial trouble, anxiety or problems at work, I’ll pull out my luck charm and see if it does anything for me. But, if life is all good and dandy, my luck charm stays right in its box where I don’t have to see it or think about it.

When I want to cut-loose and enjoy my weekend

I’ll even leave my luck charm behind at home. It becomes out of sight and out of mind. I figure, “I’ll be able to pick it back up when I need it again.” 

Often, I make God just as big as I need Him,

just as present as I need Him and just as personal as I need Him. I call upon God only when I think it is necessary. I follow God’s rules when it is convenient and give Him credit when it is beneficial for me

According to Paul, that’s not really how God works. 

God is bigger than anything I can possibly imagine. God is capable of creating and sustaining every living thing I have come to know. God knit me together in my mother’s womb, every little detail and attribute, to make me who I am today. God imagines, creates, sustains, cares for and loves me along with all the rest of creation. From the tiniest molecule to the most grandiose mountain, God has had a hand in it. God is beyond my comprehension, yet often times, I find myself acting like I can comprehend Him all too easily.

It is as if I put God in my own little box that I carry around and open up at my pleasure. 

God is so much more amazing than any individual can make Him out to be. I’ve been really challenged over the past couple weeks to start treating God with a greater sense of adoration and gratitude. God is not present only when I want God to be. God is always present. God is not in charge simply when I want God to be. God is in charge now and forever. God doesn’t just love the people I want God to love. God loves everybody. God doesn’t call me to be like Christ when it is convenient for me.

God calls me to be a living sacrifice all the days of my life.

God works in ways that I can’t see. He loves us in ways I can’t comprehend. He sent His Son Jesus to die for my sins so that I can have a real relationship with Him. That kind of a God is amazing.

That kind of a God is far too big, far too incredible, far too beautiful to be contained by any human made structure or ideal. 

The best part about that God is--despite all my failures to recognize how truly great He is--He still loves me.

That kind of God, deserves my all. 



Dave grew up in Garfield Heights, Ohio with his giant family consisting of three brothers and three sisters.  He eats, sleeps and breathes Cleveland sports. Most of my time is spent coaching, covering local games for Cleveland’s media outlets or debating with friends about which team will win the week’s big game. I hope my posts serve as a reflection of what I have learned over the years as a student, athlete, coach and journalist. There is so much joy that God has to offer us in this life. Sometimes, God calls us to run after that joy with everything we have. 

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