By Jeanna Keller

When I was completing my undergrad, my friends and I began to play some jokes on my boyfriend at the time (currently my husband) and his friends. We went up to their apartment, while they were away for the weekend with the soccer team, and we saran wrapped their mattresses, comforters, and pillows together. And on top of the saran wrap, we put shaving cream in hearts with sweet little nothings written beside the hearts.

When they returned home late Sunday night, they were not too pleased to say the least.

So seeking revenge, they decided they would come down and sneak into our apartment in the middle of the night and steal all of cosmetics and toiletries. Little did they know that someone had clued us in on this scheme of theirs. So we took our best stuff and hid it, so that they would only take our extra things, which we did not need.

Sometimes I wish that this is how the end of time would be.

That I could get a little clue a few weeks before of the second coming of Jesus so I could prepare myself accordingly. Matthew 24:45-46 says, “who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom the master has put in charge of the servants in his household to give them their food at the proper time? It will be good for that servant whose master finds him doing so when he returns.”

Isn’t it interesting that the main task that is given to the servants is to give food to the members of the household at the proper time? These are such specific instructions we are given to prepare for the second coming.

Which leads me to question, how am I giving food to those around me during my all day everyday.

When my husband and I got married, we decided to live our lives with an always open front door to our home and an always open seat at the table. So it is safe to say that I actually do feed many people through out the week. But am I actually feeding them with the nourishment they need?

I wonder if they leave feeling like they have not just a full belly, but a full soul.

My greatest desire is that my heart may reside so closely to the heartbeat of God’s that my words and action to friends who fill my home might be exactly what they needed to hear or see in order for them to feel full. This could be a meal, an invitation, an encouragement, a challenge, however it may look. 

I long to be that faithful servant, who is always open and ready to pour out and give what the lord has given so that those around may feel Him.

And when all is said and done, my hope is that I resonate with God’s heart so that I may be his faithful servant here on this earth, regardless if he comes during my life time or not.


Jeanna Keller


To introduce myself my name is Jeanna Keller and I am a 25 year old mama, with a 4 month old daughter at home. My husband is Swiss, which is what has brought me to live the past three years in the beautiful country of Switzerland. I am originally an American, which is where my husband and I met a few years back during our studies. I graduated with a degree in Dietetics, but gave up my career to move to Switzerland and begin a missionaries life abroad. This includes having an open door and seat at our table for all who will come. 

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