By Lindsey Wopschall

About eight months ago I began evaluating my life. Specifically whether or not I was living out “faith, family and work.”

I wasn’t.

In order to live these values I was going to have to make some changes… like moving across the country to foster my family relationships in a more intentional way. When moving, It’s also ideal as a professional to have a J-O-B lined up. Getting a J-O-B… NOT easy.

I had spent months applying, reaching out to contacts, and interviewing. During that time I heard many times over no, no thanks, not right now, and my personal favorite--no response at all.

Jeez, could you at least thank me for my time?

Or let me know that my application did make it into your virtual submission box… sometimes I get fearful you just didn’t receive my application! Despite these constant responses and lack thereof, I chose to preserve.

I had a vision of something brighter. To see it though I had to look beyond the rejection that was smacking me in the face over and over again.

Then, after getting the hardest rejection of all of them… something happened.

It began when a friend asked me about a company I had told him about months earlier. I decided to jump on the website and take a second look. Sure enough, there it was. The job that would get me back to the west coast without compromising my career ambitions. From the moment I applied all the way through to the job offer, the process was smooth. It wasn’t perfect, but it was peaceful.

And so I’ve been told, “Follow the peace.”

Now starting this new chapter of life, I smile. I look back and see the many struggles, the many doors I knocked on. Not every door I knocked on was the right door for me. I trust that God only opens the doors that He wants me to walk through.

I trust this with my full heart.

God wants the best for us and He will give it to us when we preserve.




Lindsey holds a BA in Communications from Gonzaga University and is  certified from the Comprehensive Leadership Program, a selective program designed to develop leaders within the framework of mission centered values: service, justice, faith and ethics. She is a graduate from Leadership Wichita Falls and the Citizens Police Academy. In her free time, you can catch Lindsey running, biking or reading. Her favorite podcast is Freakonomics and she is a 2017 Boston Marathon finisher.