By Frances Csarny

We, as humans, are remarkable.  I am constantly amazed by the work that is being done in this world.  At times, this amazement makes me cringe, saddens my heart and creates questions about the choices that are being made.  

Despite the overwhelming amount of negativity in the world, there is even more joy, it simply needs to be acknowledged.  

I find myself in awe of the talents of the human race.  

In art galleries, I feel connected to the hand that swept a colored brush across the canvas to produce a still life, portrait, or landscape.  When reading novels, I am sucked into worlds with rich characters who become like friends.  Men and women designed and constructed architecture that is able to stand against time.  I take walks around where I live only to discover flowerbeds full of vibrant colors, with roots sure to be entwined underground.  These wonders are derived from people sharing their talents even if unintentional.  These gifts that are shared are all because of a gracious God who created us and this world.  

God has a home in me, the Lord has created my body as a vessel of goodness to share with the world.  

I believe God has a home in all of us and we need to recognize this holiness in order to find peace, positivity.  Recognizing God in all people is not easy and sometimes it is especially difficult to believe that spirit is within me.

In todays first reading from Haggai, The Lord of hosts asks us to “Consider your ways! You have sown much, but have brought in little; you have eaten, but have not been satisfied.”  This leads me to question how I take care of my body, a place that hosts my soul and spirit. Recently I find many of my thoughts tainted with judgements and complaints.  I go through the motions of my day and rather than finding the presence of God in each moment, I find the next critique to share with my friends.  

Obviously it’s natural to vent, complain, even Jesus became frustrated with His disciples at times.  

The challenge for me is being able to recognize a complaint worthy of another opinion and lending ear or an unkind thought that needs to disintegrate and be forgiven before the words come out of my mouth. These decisions created lead to unsatisfaction which today’s reading helped to remind me.  Instead of leading an empty life, the lord challenges us to “Go up into the hill country; bring timber, and build the house that i may take pleasure in it and receive my glory”.  For me this is a reminder to be kind, consider the struggles others are going through and remember that God is a part of each of us.  

I want to be able to host God’s presence in me with a humble heart.

As Psalm 149 says, “The Lord takes delight in his people”, thought I am not perfect God loves my imperfections.  I can be hard on myself, hard on others and lack the vision that God wishes me to have more often than not.  But, I am loved and so are the billions of humans on this Earth.  I strive to be able to take delight in all people even when I find myself frustrated with others.



Frances is currently a PreSchool teacher in Bay Village, where she works with a group of loving, energetic, and busy three year olds.  She is living in Lakewood and enjoying the excitement of the city of Cleveland. When Frances isn’t busy with children, she can be found spending time with her many cousins and friends.  Frances enjoys collecting beach glass and lucky stones on the shores of Lake Erie throughout the year.  She is trying to keep the art of letter writing alive by sending notes to friends and family in the mail.