By Brigid Hoagland

I’d like to think that I could understand divine truths as they are, but in all reality, my brain is like that of a child who needs a lot of instruction in order to grasp the lesson. In Romans 7:19 it says, “I am speaking in human terms because of the weakness of your nature.” The Lord shows Himself to me in little ways that I can understand so that through simplicity the greatness of His love is revealed.

In today’s psalm, it says, “The law of the Lord is his joy; and on the law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted near streams of water, that yields its fruit in season” (Ps 1:2-3).

It's difficult to ask my self but do I rejoice in the law?

The Lord calls me to obedience so that I may live with joy but do I obey the Lord and firmly root myself in a life with Him? Only when I root myself in obedience to His commands and the demands of His love will I be able to receive the life-giving water that He longs to give me.

Some days when I'm doing well I imagine that I am a seed planted beneath the foot of the Cross. If I let my roots dig deep and be strengthened--if I allow myself to surrender--then I can open my heart to absorb the the streams of love gushing forth from Christ’s side upon me.

It is through that trust, through the "letting go," that God can enter in and give new life in Him. 

The law of the Lord is not burdensome; rather, it allows me to be properly disposed to receive a life of abundance. I should be going to Mass, frequenting confession, serving the poor and needy in society, making time for daily prayer, and donating my time and talents to the Church. I should practice respect for authority, forgiveness of wrongdoing, and control of my desires and passions. These commands do not take away my freedom, but make me more able to receive the gift of God’s love and mercy so that I may live a life of abundance.

Not only does my obedience and reception of love change me, it also changes the people around me.

An area that abounds with vegetation will have strong soil. The plants solidify the soil around them, making it harder for erosion to take place. Because the soil is strengthened by the plants, it is much harder for water to break down and disperse the soil through erosion. 

It seems to me that the soil surrounding me is eroded. Society has rejected the law in exchange for a false freedom leading to death. One solution to soil erosion is to increase plant life in the area.

I've discovered it's when I firmly root myself in the Lord, we strengthen the soil around us.

The environment we live in--our neighborhood, our families, our schools, our jobs--can change because of our yes to following the Lord. So, let’s root ourselves in Him through obedience to His commands, receive the Living Water of His love and mercy, and thus create environments around us that are conducive to abundant life.


Brigid hoagland


Brigid is a student at Benedictine College studying Theology and Evangelization and Catechesis. She calls Washington, D.C. home but loves going to school in the sunflower state of Kansas. Brigid is passionate about the New Evangelization and the salvation of souls. Her mission in life is to quench Christ’s thirst on the Cross by surrendering her whole self to Him and by leading souls into the home of His Sacred Heart.