By Katie Fraser

"He takes away every branch in me that does not bear fruit, and everyone one that does he prunes so that it will bear more fruit.”

A year after graduating college I was living at home with my parents,

working at a job that I didn’t particularly jump out of bed for each morning, and I was constantly looking for something to “fill my free time.” It was almost as if I was just floating along, waiting for my life to happen. I wasn’t only a lukewarm Christian; I was a lukewarm member of society. I definitely wasn’t living a lifestyle that would make the saints and angels proud. I felt like I was constantly on auto-pilot, trying to shift through the fog of my life to get to the “good part”.

I planned to save up my money, get my own apartment and live the independent lifestyle I always wanted. I just needed the motivation to turn off Netflix, stop eating bowls of ice cream, get off the couch and just do it.

That’s when my family found out we were being evicted.

We had three days to get our entire home into a storage locker. Talk about being pruned of the branches that don’t bear fruit. Although it felt as if my family had been stripped of everything, God was able to bear so much fruit from those days of pruning and refining.

The day we found out about the eviction, I had no choice but to move, literally. I was shocked out of my auto-pilot sense of life. I woke up to the mess I was living in, God pruned my branches and I had to rely completely on Him to provide for me.

I was forced to move to a new city, where I had to go out and meet people, make new friends and a name for myself.

I started to take my life more seriously, and most importantly, my relationship with God. I got involved with my parish, thirsting for a way to serve God more profoundly, which led me to their Life Teen program. After a year working as a volunteer I landed in a full time ministry position working with high schoolers and middle schoolers. I slowly started to see God’s plan for this traumatic move and where I would be able to bear fruit by remaining on His vine.

I started to become a real life, living person.

I was going to daily Mass as often as possible, spending time in Eucharistic Adoration every week completely alone with Christ. I was surrounded by so many people who made me feel loved and turned me to Christ at every turn. This was it. I had finally reached the “good part” of my life--it just wasn't part of my plan.

My life didn’t necessarily play out the way I had thought after graduation, but it was when I let God take over that my life became abundant in blessings.

God pruned me of the branches in my life that weren’t bearing fruit, my sloth, my gluttony, my lack of desire for anything in life that had meaning.  God brought me out of the pit I was living in to help me become the person I am today. While it's easier said than done, I could not have accomplished things in my life if I hadn’t remained in constant communion with the love of my life. 



Kate Fraser moved to Euclid, OH in 2013 when she discovered her passion of working with high school and middle school teens. When she isn't spending time falling in love with Christ, going for a run, traveling to new places, or hanging out with teens, she can be found shoving her face with copious amounts of tacos and guacamole. She also loves to spend time with her five nephews and two nieces, as well as the rest of her family. 

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