By Katie Fraser

I spend a lot of time in prayer throughout the week, an hour in Adoration every Monday night, daily Mass as often as I can, and of course morning and evening time reflecting on God’s presence and how I can glorify Him with my life. Prayer is so important, but

without the intent of carrying out God’s will it means nothing.

Sure I can spend forty hours a week in a chapel sitting in front of the Eucharist, but if I don’t carry out the tasks God is asking of me then what is that time worth? Don’t get me wrong, it is beautiful and grace filled to spend time with the Lord, but I think

today’s gospel is calling us to a higher standard.

I want my relationship with God to be built upon rock, I don’t want the storm to come in and my house to sink in the sand because it wasn’t built on a firm foundation. For me, that means I not only need to spend the aforementioned time in prayer, but I need to act on it.

My Dad was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer and it totally shook my family to the core. As any person would be, to hear this news about a loved one, I was really upset. I knew I needed to run to Jesus in Adoration for the strength to carry out my life as I waited to hear what would happen with my Dad.

One day at Mass, the priest talked about following the prompts of the Holy Spirit.

He expanded on the thought, that if you feel that God is prompting you to do something--why would you ever wait to carry it out? I felt the sprit nudging me to start taking my Dad to daily Mass with me. The thought of picking my Dad up (he doesn’t drive), bringing him to Mass, taking him back home and still getting to work on time immediately stressed me out.

However the Holy Spirit continued to lay this task on my heart as the week went on.

I was blessed enough to find a time that worked for both of us and we attended Mass together the day before his two biggest screenings. I stayed in constant prayer, asking that God would let my Dad be alright. I begged for His will to be done, but hoped it would be in favor of my Dad’s health.

We waited for one whole week to get the results back, and it was the longest week of my life to say the least.

Today’s gospel reading reminded me of this recent experience. All of these people in the passage are exclaiming that they love the Lord, and that they have done things in Christ’s name. Christ calls them out, saying that they have listened to the things that Lord has said but they haven’t acted upon them.

It isn’t enough to just pray and hear what God might be asking you to do – you have to act upon it.

         My Dad’s results came back a few days ago and I am overjoyed to share that the outcome is better than any of us could have imagined. There is no other cancer in his body, and the amount that he does have can be removed through surgery. Sure the doctors will have to monitor him for a few months before we can say that everything is good but

I am convinced that God prompted me to take my Dad to Mass

for the strength, healing and majesty of the Eucharist (in addition to the incredible amount of prayers that were being said by so many friends for his health).

         God doesn’t want me to just float through life, entering into times of prayer because “I should.” He wants to lavish His grandeur love in my heart.  How can that happen if I am simply entering into my daily life on a surface level? I need to be constantly steeped in prayer, to build my house upon rock, so that when the winds and storms come I will not sink. 



Kate Fraser moved to Euclid, OH in 2013 when she discovered her passion of working with high school and middle school teens. When she isn't spending time falling in love with Christ, going for a run, traveling to new places, or hanging out with teens, she can be found shoving her face with copious amounts of tacos and guacamole. She also loves to spend time with her five nephews and two nieces, as well as the rest of her family. 

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