By Katie Hollcraft

I am a procrastinator. 

Many people relate to that statement, but honestly, if procrastinating was an Olympic sport, I could have medalled in college. Late nights trying to get myself motivated to writeterm papers due the next morning were fairly standard for me. 

Since entering the working world - I am happy to say that I have improved, but the inclination to procrastinate remains. So today it was difficult reading the words, ‘Blessed are those servants whom the master finds vigilant on His arrival.’ 

Vigilant. The word makes me feel called out and uncomfortable. I find myself wanting to ignore the reading altogether. I find myself not wanting to relate to it, but the reality is my track record shows that I am not good at vigilance. I try to justify myself, yet I have to ask, ‘What have been my reasons for procrastinating?’

I don’t feel like doing it. I have plenty of time. Inspiration hasn’t hit yet. I’d rather do something fun.

If I’m honest with myself, these are the same reasons I find myself not growing in virtue.

The Lord has called me out.  I must be vigilant, keep watch, and stay awake, not only for the day He comes again, but for what He is calling me to today. 

Today, I will keep watch for opportunities to love others. Today, I will be vigilant in prayer. Today, I will awake my heart to the movements of the Holy Spirit. Today, I will act on grace and trust the Lord will give it.

‘Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more’. 

I may be called to vigilance, but God bestows grace. I may be called to serve, but I am called by one who calls me ‘daughter’. Even though being called out for my procrastination is uncomfortable, it is not fear motivating me to overcome reasons I want to procrastinate in virtue. Rather, it is the love of the Father who sent His Son for my redemption that moves me to vigilance. 

It is this motivation which leads me to choose love over comfort. When someone interrupts my day, I am able to put aside my agenda for them. When my boss asks me for a last minute meeting or to take on a new task, I can take on the challenge with joy. I can live in the busyness of the world, yet move against the stream because of the joy God offers when we respond to Him with ready, vigilant hearts.

Jesus asks me to be vigilant so I can participate in the life He offers me, and I can give up comfort for that. I will keep watch and strive for righteousness for the sake of the eternity Jesus won for me. 


Katie hollcraft


Katie Hollcraft grew up in California, went to university in Kansas, and is now a missionary in Boston, MA. She loves exploring big cities, going on long walks, writing poetry, drinking coffee, and blasting car tunes. To read about her mission work check out

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