By Sean Cahill

This weekend our psalm proclaims, “My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord, thirsting for you my God.” I find myself wondering what this really means, what this "thirst" is all about.  I find myself asking, “What is it that I am seeking?” If I am seeking God--then why?  If I am seeking for my soul to be fulfilled,

why would I think that God will satiate that thirst?

A few years ago I found myself lost, afraid, and questioning.  I was angry and blamed most of my anger on God.  If He is so loving how could He possibly allow bad things to happen to good people.  How could an all-powerful, all-loving God allow such anxiety into my life?  I met a friend of mine at St. Francis Chapel at John Carroll University and said

I had enough of this God character in my life.  

How could I pray and trust in this figure who obviously had little care for me? However, in my prayer, He listened to me, offered a comforting silence when I was crying and said that I would be okay.  And I discovered that the hurt I was feeling and the questions I was asking were the ways I was coping with my sadness.  

Even though I took a step back, God was still there. And when I was able to step forward again I found a faith stronger than before.

I realized that when I say I am "thirsting" for God I am saying that I am thirsting for love. I say that I am thirsting for kindness. I say I am thirsting for forgiveness. I say that I am thirsting for acceptance just as I am.  Too often it takes a tragedy for people to realize we are thirsting for the same things.  I remember so clearly how Americans came together in the wake of September 11th to show our strength in a very dark time.  I see today the outpouring of support for the families and friends of those who were killed in Orlando.  More importantly, I see that we are all thirsting for understanding, love, and peace for our world. 

I hope to continually to show love and offer nourishment to those who might disagree and hope that one day we all might be nourished with kindness, acceptance, and love.

I have found nourishment in God in the form of Eucharist

and I pray that everyone may find this nourishment in some way. For when I am nourished I know I am ready to show love to those in my path, and that is certainly something the world can use today.



Sean Cahill is a recent graduate of John Carroll University currently working as a student teacher at Benedictine High School, teaching World History and Mock Trial.  Outside of the classroom he can usually be found acting on Cleveland area stages or singing with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus.  He enjoys being an uncle and cannot wait to welcome another little one to the family in a few months.  More than any specific activity, job, or hobby he is most grateful for being alive.

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