By Sean Cahill

"The Lord remembers his covenant for ever".  I read today's psalm and the first word that came to my mind was "Hope".  When times are difficult I can lean on this psalm and realize that God will never abandon, forget, lose favor, or change the way He feels about me. 

With hope I also see trust.

I trust in God and know that with Him all things are possible.  Recently, I needed to feel hope and trust in order to achieve a goal, a goal I wasn't sure was possible.  

A few weeks ago I made the journey to Gross Isle, Michigan with over one hundred friends to run in the Rock CF Half Marathon.  I decided, with a friend of mine, to run the half marathon relay which would mean I would run 7.6 miles and he would run 5.5.  The problems...I'm not a runner, I had't trained past 6 miles, I hate running, and there was a time limit.  I was so nervous that I would take too much time and leave my partner without enough time to finish his leg of the race.  I was terribly nervous that I wouldn't be able to run enough and would have to walk most of it.  I was afraid of how my body would feel on the drive home and in the following days. 

Trust. Hope.

I look back and realize that these words were my constant companions.  They were hidden behind soreness, frustration, sadness, anxiety, desolation.  Crossing the relay point and handing the race over to my partner brought tears for a number of reasons.  I was sore and that brought tears but I was also relieved, thankful, and excited to have achieved my goal of reaching my partner in under 2 hours.  Hope and Trust.

When I am feeling like there is an obstacle too great I know I can lean on hope and trust in order to achieve my goal.  I have hope and I have trust in God that

He will never forget the promises

He has made and that my name is for ever etched onto the palm of His hand.  I must remember this etching because when running the race, either on the Rock CF race course or on the roads of my every day journey, I must always have hope and be for ever trusting.



Sean Cahill is a recent graduate of John Carroll University currently working as a student teacher at Benedictine High School, teaching World History and Mock Trial.  Outside of the classroom he can usually be found acting on Cleveland area stages or singing with the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus.  He enjoys being an uncle and cannot wait to welcome another little one to the family in a few months.  More than any specific activity, job, or hobby he is most grateful for being alive.

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