By Patty Breen

The Holy Trinity is one of the most unique doctrines for Christianity. Three person’s in one God was an idea that left me confused as a little kid. It is kind of a radical concept if you stop to think about it.

No other religion believes such a thing let alone that God took on human flesh and walked this earth.

Growing up I remember my parents explaining the Trinity to my siblings and I. We talked about it in religion classes at our local Catholic school. God the Father I imagined as a man with a long white beard wearing Birkenstock sandals sitting on a plush, red throne up in Heaven. Jesus, well that’s pretty self-explanatory. Jesus died on the Cross for me and was the guy I read about in my children’s picture Bible. 

I had the trickiest time with understanding and relating to the Holy Spirit. Scripture gave us images of wind, fire, and a dove. Somehow then we were supposed to magically put it all together

and … presto! understand the Holy Spirit. 

It took me years and years until I came to place in my spiritual life where I truly began to have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Solemnity of the the Most Holy Trinity is a reminder that each person of the Trinity desires to be in relationship with each of us.

The first reading illustrates the depth of intimacy Moses had with God. Moses looked upon the face of God, heard His voice, and spoke with Him. Moses had a personal, living relationship with God; similar to that of Adam, Even, and God before the fall. I cannot even begin to imagine what that must have been like. And this reminds me that it is truly possible for Catholic Christian’s to have the same type of relationship with each person of the Holy Trinity. Each person of the Holy Trinity is equally important and worthy of our time, because each person shares in the divine nature of God.

Each person reveals the nature of God and has something to teach us.

God the Father has taught me what my true identity is as beloved daughter. God the Son has taught me what it means to love, forgive, be merciful, and be a servant first. God the Holy Spirit has taught me about being bold and taking risks for the Kingdom. 

I’m not sure where you are at with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Maybe you relate or identify with one more than the others. Today when we celebrate and honor the Most Holy Trinity, ask and pray for a deeper desire to know each person more intimately.

I know in my life asking for a desire to know more intimately the Holy Spirit was one of the ways I really came to know and love the Spirit the more in my own life.

So if you don’t know where to start on this Trinity Sunday, start with that simple prayer of more. Ask for the desire. 

Because God always wants to give Himself to us much more than even ask for.



Patty is a former-know-it-all from the Mitten state. She loves all things red lipstick, old movies, and is mildly obsessed with Ignatian spirituality and reading lots of books. She is a youth minister, writer, runner and thinks everyone should train for a half or full marathon. When not endlessly fundraising for World Youth Day, she is learning to find grace in all things, at all times. Find her blogging it all at A Modern Grace

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