By Michelle Piccolo

Today’s Gospel reading from the book of Luke focuses on the healing power of God. Ten lepers are cured of their disease and only one returns to Jesus to thank Him. The other nine lepers, who were also cured, didn’t bother coming back. They just kept on walking. Cured and amazed, but thankless.

How many times did I go about my merry way without even a word of gratitude?

I can spend hours in prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament with out thanking Him for all my answered prayers. Sometimes I rattle off a thank you or two when I remember, but then I’m right back to making my own list of requests. 

Recently, I have gotten better asking others for help. During the times I may require assistance from someone else, I pray to God to put people on my path that can help me. I am always astounded at how quickly that prayer gets answered. I’ll literally get a text or an email or a phone call from someone who is exactly who I need at that moment.

But when it’s a matter of spiritual sickness, much of the time I convince myself that God can just leave me alone and move on to some other poor soul after I’ve been healed.

“Okay thanks God! I can take it from here!”  

The best example I have of this is after receiving absolution during the Sacrament of Reconciliation. There’s that feeling of being free because I’ve just received this tremendous gift of mercy from God. In that moment and for a time afterwards, I find myself forgetting how I came to the confessional in the first place, and I end up right back there shortly thereafter. I became frustrated that this kept happening. It wasn’t until my confessor told me that I was relying too much on myself to fight temptation and fight sin, that I failed.  

I gave in to the sin of self-reliance when I needed to rely on God’s providence.

So while sin will always be a struggle no matter what, I need to remember to be the thankful leper. His faith saved him, as Christ told him. I can imagine what it must have been like for that man to be cured and the relief, the excitement, the amazement that must have shown in his face when he realized his faith had saved him and he was cured. As great as that moment must have been, I must remember to speak words of thanks to the One who is responsible for curing me. In times of praise and struggle, I need to fall on my knees and humble myself before the one who gave His life for me. I’m grateful Lord. Please continue to have mercy on me so my faith can heal me.



Michelle Piccolo is currently pursuing the Theology of the Body Certification from the TOB Institute. She enjoys reading all things Catholic, and can be seen reading more than one book at a time, much to the dismay of her Spiritual Director. She also uses her gift of gab for being a voice for the voiceless as a pro-life advocate and evangelizing to the youth on the beauty of chastity. he blogs about her journey at

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