By Brittany Cermak

If I eat what I’ve always eaten… I will weigh what I have always weighed.

What a bummer right? It would be really nice to eat exactly the way I want (some daily pancakes, cupcakes and Chex Mix-–just a few of my guilty pleasures) and lose weight.

But, it comes down to calories in and calories out.

After spending four years in college studying nutrition and dietetics, and graduating last May, I sought to lose the freshman 15+ that I had gained during college. This meant, I could not continue eating my Ben & Jerry’s as frequently, or doing mindless munching during Netflix sessions. Something had to change, for me it was eating smaller and more frequent meals, increasing my water intake, limiting my unhealthy snacking and getting my butt of the couch.

Since I changed my lifestyle and eating habits, I did see my weight decrease.

I have continued to monitor and make changes throughout this past year. Sometimes I found that certain meals did not keep me full and caused me to snack the rest of the evening, where I definitely exceeded my calorie intake for the day. It takes the mind and determination to reach goals, especially weight loss goals and health improvement.

Making healthy choices is something I continue to struggle with each and every day. I have studied the impact of unhealthy foods, I know how crappy I feel when I have gained weight or choose to eat many fatty foods, but sometimes, I still give in to my food temptations. When I’m feeling some cravings coming on, I try to reach for some fruits, veggies or heart-healthy nuts to fill me up.

Nutritional and physical health is important, but spiritual health is even more important to uphold in order to continue a strong relationship with the Lord.

To go off of the quote from the beginning: If I pray the way I have always prayed… I will have the same relationship with the Lord that I’ve always had. There are times when I do not feel very close to the Lord, and I think back to how I have been living and praying… I know I have no one to blame but myself and that something has to change.

There are times where I have tried reading devotionals, and this did not seem to truly deepen my relationship with God, so I decided to try something else. I tried to spend at least 20 minutes per week in the adoration chapel.

This intimate time with God did seem to make a change to my relationship with Him.

I know I am the only person who can control what I put into my mouth, which can contribute to my weight. I also know that I am the only person who can control my prayer life and relationship with the Lord. If I choose to continue going through the motions of eating and praying the same way, my weight and closeness with Christ will stay the same. If my eating worsens and my praying becomes less frequent,

weight gain and distance from the Lord will likely follow.

However, if every day I make healthy food choices and make time to pray and worship the Lord, I will hopefully lose a little weight and feel on fire for my Lord and savior who makes each day new.

If you have been in the same eating or praying routine and are looking for improvement, I challenge you to focus on one small change at a time. Pick one aspect of your food intake to change, maybe it is drinking an extra bottle of water each day, or not eating seconds at dinner time.

As far as prayer life is concerned, again, focus on one aspect

maybe it is taking ten minutes each morning to pray before you head to work, or meeting up with a friend to discuss scripture once a week. Take a small step to help make an even bigger change. 



I was Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio!  I will be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) after taking my state boards. I plan to work in a weight loss clinic to help others reach their goals and teach them how to shop and prepare healthy foods. When I'm not studying, you can find me baking (yes, I know it is contrary to my field, but I grew up with this delicious hobby), reading about food and nutrition, drinking coffee, watching Disney movies, competing in triathlons or hanging out with friends and family. My life mission is based on the bible verse from Galatians 5:13 - Serve one another in love! 

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