This July 2018 we are partnering with Focus to bring you the first ever Divine Mercy Challenge! Find a partner and commit to praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day in the month of July!

So go ahead. Scroll down, register with a partner and let's start Advent with some intentional goals.

Let people know you took the challenge and invite them using the hashtag #thelivingperson

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You'll have a better chance of success with some accountability. Consider asking a friend to join before you sign up!
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Remember that this isn’t a competition or a way to show off. If this is your intention then you’ve already lost. The Living Person is all about pushing yourself. How can you best improve the quality of your life? How can you strive to become fully alive? We can assure you that shortcuts are not the answer. So--if you're ready for some hard work then...

Register below to make it official and let’s get it, fam!